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Identify the spotlights. Become a spotlight hacker.

We are all under the spotlight in every situation and phase of life. It becomes imperative to identify the forms in which these spotlights exist. Once you are adept at it, you can become a spotlight hacker by devising the methods to identify and counter the effects of the spotlights on you.

Eye Am Spotlight

One will come to know about the types of spotlights that affect one’s life, at different points of time.

This book gives a comprehensive idea to the readers about the ways in which one can be aware of them and tackle them.

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The most important objective of this book is to make people aware of the notion of the spotlight. A spotlight watches over us all the time, similar to how we follow our routine. Right from the moment we wake up till the time we go to bed, we keep watching something or the other for work or our entertainment. We all are quite familiar with the concept of the world being a stage.

A stage where we get to play a variety of characters at every phase and situation of our lives. Whoever can portray their characters well is appreciated and valued, but if they are unable to play their part convincingly, then they are criticized and belittled. This is a fact of life, friends, and we sure can’t deny it!

Reviewed in India on 11 February 2020


I am happy to say this that it is one of best book on self development, the quality and graphics are amazing with story and self exercise which changed my perception of life.

Reviewed in India on 20 july 2021

Amazing Book

This Book is written in such a simple language that even a child can learn from this and what an amazing concept has been shared in this book. just WOW. Thank you Bhavik Sharma for such an amazing Book.

Reviewed in India on 23 September 2021

a to the point effective read.

What I really liked about the book was that there's a space of 1-2 lined pages after every chapter!!

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Bhavik Sharma is a renowned business and start-up consultant based in Ahmedabad. He helps aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals in seeking the path to success. He guides the youth in realizing their vision and in meeting the challenges on their way. He has been a speaker at many start-up related events and committees lead by the government.

His attitude towards business and his passion for it helps him in guiding talented people. He inspires people to be the best in their respective business fields and achieve success.

Always stay motivated and keep learning with Bhavik Sharma.

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