Mind Mapping

What you will learn

  • To organize your thoughts in a manner such that you can plan an event, business or marketing plan appropriate rehearsals to ensure seamless delivery can be achieved through proper mind mapping.
  • Think outside the box and unleash the multitasking capability of your subconscious mind.
  • To create personal mind maps depending on the situation in question and help others in preparing their mind maps.
  • How to reduce the time to learn new topics and use the same to your advantage while preparing for your upcoming professional exam.


  • Willing to try out newer ways of doing things to increase your productivity.
  • Although you do not need any particular skill as a prerequisite, it is always good to have an existing skill that you can work on and excel once you are armed with the power of mind mapping.


From the setting of personal goals to accelerating your career by appropriate planning, taking up courses and assignments and completing the same, there are a lot of challenges that a student or professional has to take up daily. Mind mapping is a godsent boon for all such people.

In this course, our qualified trainers have a deep understanding of how human memory works. This knowledge is used to customize the learning experience in a way such that you go beyond the basics of mind mapping and understand how to integrate the knowledge of mind mapping in your daily work.

The course focusses on improving your productivity by taking a step-by-step approach to streamline your thought process.

Contents and overview of the course
  • For an average human, the verbal-numeric memory can juggle at the max 3 or 4 ideas at a time. With this course in mind mapping you will be able to use your spatial and visual-spatial memory for working purposes and as a result, juggle more tasks at a time.
  • The course illustrates the benefits of mind mapping in a manner such that you will first be guided through a set of exercises and then given open assignments that will help you in your path of achieving personal goals.
  • The gradual progression from the purpose of mind mapping to its applications ensures that every student taking this course is equipped to use the benefits of mind mapping in real life.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is ideal for complete beginners and is recommended for students who wish to improve their study skills.
  • People who have previously given a shot to mind mapping but did not find it helpful.
  • People of all ages and educational backgrounds who are keen on improving their effectiveness at work.
  • This is a beginner's course and is not recommended for people who are already experts at mind mapping.

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