Story Telling In Business

What you will learn

  • How to come up with business stories that are not just credible but also compelling in nature
  • Understand the principles of good storytelling and use them to become a more persuasive storyteller
  • Improve your business communication techniques and avoid getting misquoted or dragged into controversies.
  • The art of telling a business story differently when catering to partners, investors, and clients across diverse backgrounds. You will learn how in each case; the story has to be told in a manner such that it will appeal to the audience in question.


  • A desire to improve your business results by engaging in storytelling practices.
  • The ability to work hard and embark on business storytelling only when you have acquired the necessary skills.


In any organization, you will find that people who are able to engage and influence others better find themselves in leadership positions. If you aspire to grow in your career and land there, mastering the art of business storytelling should be in your bucket list.

In this detailed course on business storytelling, you will learn about how to use the different storytelling techniques to your benefit and successfully change the opinion of your audience.

The key takeaways from this course include
  • Identifying the key ingredients takes to make a story more compelling than that of others and how to leave a lasting impression on your business audience.
  • Structuring your business story in a manner such that it is easy to follow, and the central message of the story is delivered in a persuasive manner.
  • Learning how to develop content to resonate with new people and strengthen existing connections.
  • How to customize your business story based on the task in hand. The story for an important staff announcement needs to be told in a manner that is different from a verbal presentation to generate sales. The course will tell you what is unique in each of the cases and the factors you need to bear in mind for the different types of business storytelling scenarios.

Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs who have new business ideas and want to win the attention of potential partners, investors, clients, etc
  • Businessmen who want to present a compelling business case and persuade others to believe in them.
  • Young professionals in the field of management and business who wish to grow within the organization or increase their industry demand while looking for a job switch.

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